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Bumelant Original First Design

Here at Bumelant, we’ve been thinking long and hard about our first design.

Like the lover’s first kiss, the opening line of a novel, or the first impression of a person, first design makes a statement.

What statement do we want to make? What is the motto a true Bumelant could wholeheartedly stand behind.

We drew hard on the wisdom of our forebearers, reaching deep into metaphysical thought of Epicureans, philosophers of Zen and Tao, Bukowski and Lebowski, our own Art de Bumelant.

The result came to us like the apple to Newton, fig tree to Buddha, and mountain to Muhammad.

Lo and behold! We present to you the rallying cry of the Bumelant: “JUST DON’T.” Coming soon on high fashion apparel near you.

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