BUMELANT is an art, design, and lifestyle brand.

We are a brand with philosophy. We draw upon Epicurean, Bohemian, and Wabi Sabi philosophies to create a blend of ideas which is uniquely ours. We strive for balance. The middle way is our way. We are both simple and sophisticated. Yes, this is possible.

Our style is inspired by modernism, found art, psychogeography, surreal and absurd. We are curious about everything. Ceci n’est pas une pipe. And yet it is!

That’s a lot of big words. To make it simple, and we like to keep things simple at Bumelant, our ideals are frugality, comfort, and minimalism with a touch of flair. We combine the uncombinable. We recycle, we reuse. We adopt and repurpose. We create.

We are dedicated to the unbridled creativity of the human mind, to the union of art, fashion, design, and lifestyle. These are the elephants we stand upon. There’s also the turtle.

We respect communities of unique individuals. 

We respect the right of every person to ultimate self-expression.

We respect those who strive to live free.