BUMELANT is an art, design, and lifestyle brand.

We are a brand with philosophy, integrating bohemian, epicurean, transience and impermanence aesthetic ideas into our work. 

We strive for balance. The middle way is our way. We are both simple and sophisticated. Yes, this is possible.

Our style is inspired by modernism, found objects, street art, dada (yes, yes!), irony and humor, surreal and absurd. 

We are curious about everything.  Ceci n’est pas une pipe. And yet, it is!

Frugality and sensualism, minimalism and flair, austerity and style. We combine the uncombinable. We unite the disjointed. We create.

We are dedicated to the union of art, fashion, design, and lifestyle. These are the elephants we stand upon. There’s also a turtle.

Bumelant is a brand for artists and explorers, for thinkers and rebels – for all those, who dare to be free.